InstaMailer Review and Bonuses – Honest Review of InstaMailer

InstaMailer Review and Bonuses – Best Autoresponder Mailing Service An Honest Review of InstaMailer

Are you confused as far as choosing the best autoresponder mailing service is concerned? What about dealing with recurring monthly price as your list grows? Are your emails ending up in the spam folder of your subscribers? Do you presently have a budget to pay for an autoresponder service? Or maybe you are looking for an autoresponder with a user-friendly and easy to navigate interface.

Most autoresponders in the market has failed to live up to the expectations of the end users.

As an established, intermediate, newbie or a would-be online marketer, you will best agree that one common statement in the MMO niche is that “Money Is In The List”.
Hence, My InstaMailer Review is going to concentrate on a brand new autoresponder service; which will enable you to send automatic and fast emails straight to the inbox of your subscribers and not to their spam folder.

InstaMailer Review – Overview

  • Product Name: InstaMailer
  • Creator: Neil Napier and Steven van der Peijl
  • Launch Date: 2017-Sept-27
  • Launch Time: 11:00AM EDT
  • Front End Price: $97 (ONE TIME PAYMENT)
  • Sales Page/Official Website: Click Here
  • Product Type: Autoresponder Software
  • Niche: List Building and Email Marketing
  • Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What Is InstaMailer?

You might be wondering what really is InstaMailer? InstaMailer is basically an autoresponder software that you can use to send mails just like your regular autoresponders like Getresponse, Aweber, Mailchimp, and Sendlane etc. over the members area, you’ll have the ability to get access to the entire functionality of the software.

With InstaMailer, you will have a strong and comprehensive email marketing solution at your disposal. No emails end up in the spam folder as all your emails will be sent directly to the inbox of your subscribers.

Apart from its high quality spam checker, with InstaMailer, it is possible to send out broadcast, schedule email sequence, easy click of the mouse segmenting of your listing and a hands-free automation.

In addition, with InstaMailer, you can easily carryout a bulk import and export of your mailing list, backlist unwanted emails and also get to see detailed analytics of how your outreach campaign is performing; such as open rate, click through rate (CTR).

That is not all, you will as well get a hands-on training about the best way to construct and possess a SMTP for as low as $5/month. This is like owning your own emailing system without ever relying on Yahoo, Google, Hotmail or any other autoresponder.

How can InstaMailer Works

To have the ability to observe how InstaMailer works, watch the demonstration video below to view InstaMailer in action.

 Get instamailer now

Instamailer Creators

Neil Napier from Finland is the person behind InstaMailer together with Steven van der Peijl. He is a really seasoned marketer with vast knowledge in software development. As you can see below his products have brought in well over $ 700,000 + in earnings:

Just to let you know, some of his ground breaking products that’s been well received by the general public includes InstaBuilder 2.0, InstaMember, InstaSuite, and Jobrack.

InstaMailer Review – Evaluation and Pricing

The InstaMailer applications by Neil Napier and Steven van der Peijl that helps to deliver spam-free emails directly to the inbox of your readers and also helps to boost your email advertising campaign has 1 (one) Front End Merchandise and 2 (2) OTOs

My InstaMailer Review highly recommends that you should not wait to secure a location with this autoresponder software now. To get more info about InstaMailer, kindly visit the official page here.

Here is a partial listing:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • List builders
  • Email marketers
  • CPA entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Ecommerce shop owners
  • Webinar promoters

InstaMailer is a good option for beginners in the digital marketing niche who are on a low budget and would not want to get burnt out by high monthly recurring cost of paying for an autoresponder.

InstaMailer Review — Why You should receive It

I do know the headache that usually sets in when it comes to choosing a specific product out of numerous products, such scenario isn’t absent when choosing a fantastic email autoresponder. Below are some of the reasons why I recommend InstaMailer as the autoresponder service.

  • No monthly payment, just a 1 TIME FEE
  • User friendly interface
  • Ability to have full control over your mailing list without been shut out of your account
  • Excellent spam checker that delivers your mails directly to the inbox of your subscribers
    High open rate
  • High effective email campaign
  • Benefits of segmenting your listing
  • Excellent support service
  • Large list capacity of up to 20,000 size for a ONE TIME FEE
  • it’s more affordable for a novice marketer.
  • Configuring SMTP to send emails is simple (and we have detailed guides) – you control the purchase price.
  • We connect directly with APIs of big email marketing SMTPs for faster email sending.
  • Detailed segmentation built in to improve marketing opportunities.
  • Customize your unsubscribe message as you want.
  • Complete control over adding and removing contacts as and when you need, no restrictions.
  • Use optin forms to collect leads from other pages you have
  • Send and schedule broadcasts and autoresponders.
  • In-built spam checker
  • Ability to block domains, IP addresses and much more!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using InstaMailer

  • Newbie friendly
  • User friendly interface
  • One Time Payment
  • High email deliverability
  • Great Customer Care


  • Demands basic techy knowledge to have the ability to use InstaMailer
  • Does not include landing page creator just like some other autoresponder
  • Require internet connection to operate
  • Though a One-Time price, but still on the high side
  • What People are Saying About InstaMailer Other Products

Neil Napier is a house-hold name in the software industry and his products do get a great deal of testimonials from raving satisfied customers and end users. Below is what happy customers are saying:

My Conclusion on this InstaMailer Review

Wowza, I’m grateful for keeping up with my InstaMailer Review up to this stage. I wish to believe that this guide has actually given an insight to what InstaMailer is all about to you.

Hence, you can now make the right choice for your business and email marketing campaign. But my recommendation is that you ought to get InstaMailer today without delay.

If you order InstaMailer now, your satisfaction is highly guaranteed. You backed by a 30 Day Refund Policy, if for any reason you’re unsatisfied and your spending will be refunded with no question asked.

Get Instamailer NOW

What is email marketing?

Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses electronic mail as a means of communicating messages . In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. However, the term is usually used to refer to:

Sending emails with the objective of enhancing the relationship of a merchant using its current or previous clients and to promote customer loyalty and repeat business.

Sending emails with the purpose of acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to buy something immediately.
Adding advertisements to emails sent by other companies to their clients.
Marketing has several advantages over traditional email marketing, including the following:

An exact return on investment can be monitored and has turned out to be high when done properly. Marketing is often reported as second only to search marketing as the most effective marketing tactic.
Advertisers can reach substantial numbers of email subscribers that have opted in to receive email communications on topics of interest to them.
Over half of all Internet users send or check email on a normal day.
Email enables marketers to reach out to consumers with personalized, relevant, dynamic messages.
Transactional emails make it possible for companies to react automatically to significant consumer events like purchases or shop-cart abandonment.
The disadvantages of advertising surround the rejection/spam rate of the mails by the consumers’ email program, negatively affecting the delivery rate of the emails. This has somewhat been eliminated with the idea of “Opt-in” emailing, where the consumer consents to receiving the emails and therefore eliminates the idea of receiving unsolicitated emails — Ideally maintaining emails that are relevant and appropriate to each individual recipient.


Success — Emails can be targeting specifically to the ideal consumer. With this concept in mind, along with email cost-effectiveness, it’s no wonder that email marketing’s ROI often blows other direct marketing strategies out of the water — The trick is that you have to get it right!
Creative — This refers to the overall design of the email (layout/images/colour). Specifically, it is a good idea to ask each customer whether they would like the emails in text or HTML as there is often a great preference for one over the other.
Relevance — Targeting, targeting, and more targeting. Make your emails relevent and personalised to each recipient if you want that response rate to rise.
Incentive — Recipients look at emails and think “WIIFM?” , i.e. “What is in it for me??” . There’s no such thing as a free lunch right? Well… Offer the recipient a “free lunch” for participating and they’ll be more likely to respond.
Timing — Do not send out an email that recipients will receive overnight, let it pop up in their inbox throughout their working day. This expands to choosing certain days, months and years. Remember — You can assess and measure what timing works best for which email.
Integration — Companies can’t just rely on one method of marketing, nor can they rely on several procedures of differentiated marketing. Instead, best marketing practices utilise integrated marketing communication (IMC) where all facets of the advertising work together to make a whole. Email marketing must be including here, therefore your emails must carry message and the image because your entire operations. Even the timing of this campaign must work in with other aspects of your marketing mix.
Copy — When contemplating the copywriting for your email you need to consider all aspects of the speech, from subject line through to your mail signature. For the previous sentence, not all links should be stored with emails, pop them in early to catch that customer that was impulsive!
Attributes –– Here Dave talks about the email header, with features including the subject line, from address, to address, date/time of receipt and format. Testing your campaigns can rule out the attributes that clients consider spam and highlighting .
Landing Page — Desire those mails to become sales conversions? Do not just hyperlink your clients show them exactly where you need them to go and make it fast and easy to complete any forms!
So yes… Email marketing is a vital element in many industries, particularly for creating those significant customer-firm relationships. Learn how to use it and it will bump up the success of your company.

Just try not to send out another email that goes directly through to my spam folder. And, if the email does manage to make it through to my inbox — Be it worthwhile to read!

What is an Autoresponder?

Autoresponders are messages set to go out automatically. They help you automate campaigns and handle communication with your recipients.

Theyare sent to your contacts in a sequence at intervals calculated starting from the day a contact chooses into your effort e.g. Day 0 (instant message), 3, 7, 14, 21. Autoresponders are helpful if you would like to send an message to contacts who join your list. When you set up an autoresponder cycle, messages will go out on a day of a contact’s subscription period.

You are also given the ability to create and manage autoresponders by the Autoresponder feature. Use it to:

Add an autoresponder to the autoresponder cycle. You can use newsletters, autoresponders, and drafts. You can create a new autoresponder message.
Manage autoresponders from the calendar view and list view
You can preview, edit, and replicate your message, assess message status and data, in addition to view the number of users on a specific day of the cycle.

Move messages to different times in the autoresponder cycle
prevent messages from going out on particular days of the week
schedule the time autoresponders are to go out, including adjusting the program to various time zones
add contacts to the autoresponder cycle or transfer them to a different cycle.

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